Thursday, April 26, 2012

Painting the town white

I'm all about multi-tasking.  And since I had the primer and white paint out for the fence, I wondered what else around the house I could slap a coat of white on.  

This green boxy shelf was originally mounted in our office, don't forget the entire room (ceiling, trim, walls, shelves, etc.) was this color green.  We took down all of the shelves immediately because they blocked the room's only window.  I saved a few shelves, especially this one, with the intent to re-purpose eventually.  

I got this shelf out again while planning Griffin's nursery, but never managed to get it done.
So here's where the multi-tasking comes into play.  Instead of literally watching the paint on the fence dry between coats, I got busy painting this shelf as well as our mailbox.  

Here is the final product, set up in its original home, the office.  My dream was to use it in our bedroom, but because of the shape and placement of the windows, it just isn't the right fit.

And here is the mailbox....a nice touch to accent the new white post (pictures coming soon!).
I can think of a million other things that need a coat of paint around my house....but I may try to be more adventurous on my next painting extravaganza....

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