Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter: One Year Old

Easter was Griffin's first birthday this year (April 8th, 2012).  But it was his second Easter!  Last year Easter was our first major family holiday/outing with Griffin in tow.  Read more about our Easter celebration last year with our 16 day old here.

But just for old time's sake....let's take a trip down memory lane....
Easter 2011
Easter 2012
Griff and Levi (Easter 2011)

Griff and Levi (Easter 2012)

Woodbury Family (Easter 2011)

Woodbury Family (Easter 2012) *This is one year later, Nate is just wearing the same shirt:)

 I can't believe how the little boys have grown up!  And next year there will be another little one (a cousin....not a Woodbury:)

It was a wonderful Easter, and a great celebration of such an important day, though it was semi-important that it was Griff's first birthday, it was truly important for the main event....He is Risen.  We got to worship at the Mills Church, our old stomping ground and then had brunch with my family.

Griffin adores his cousin Maddie, who also shares April 8th as her birthday...she turned 3!!!
 He loves to pet hair, maybe we need to spend less time playing with Cooper....
 Maddie was so sweet to Griffin, and what a doll she is!
 He got to meet the Easter bunny....whom he loved.

 And got to play with Maddie some more....
 He even gave her a giant hug.

 And finally some time with the Grandparents....


 ...and Uncle Tom.
 I was so glad we celebrated Griffin's birthday the day before Easter so we could really celebrate Jesus and how he took on our sins, and a painful death to give us eternal life.  What an amazing God we have.

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