Friday, April 27, 2012

Coo Coo for Kokopax

Backpack carriers are awesome.  This one is the one my brothers and I rode in as kids, and here is Griffin, loving it too.

My mom brought our old one down to Savannah and it came in handy often while going on short walks to the clubhouse and walking around downtown Savannah.

I LOVE this picture.  This looks like so many pictures I remember of us as little kids, hanging out on my dad's back.
So it was only fitting that when friends of my dad's went into business selling an updated version of the Gerry pack, Grandpa and Grandma got one for us!  We love it.  It is a Kokopax, and it is so convenient for places you do a lot of walking, that are not super stroller friendly (dog park, hiking, places with big crowds, etc.).

Cooper loves it too.  More comfortable mamma means he gets to spend more time at the DP, because even after an hour, my back/shoulders are still okay.
PS-still loving Minnesota weather this year.

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