Friday, March 2, 2012

Sharing Toys

I like to think that Griffin is socially advanced.  Only 10 1/2 months old and already knows how to share. :)

Griffin and Cooper share toys.  We tried to fight it.  "Cooper, drop that teddy bear, that's Griffin's..." "Griffin get that kong out of our mouth, that's Cooper's...." but they both know where the other's toys are and maybe it's the thrill of the forbidden, but they just seem to want what they can't have.

Cooper figured out how to take the lid off his toy box, so here are a few short clips of the two of them digging through Cooper's toys.
I have to admit what prompted me to record this was that Griffin actually fell in head first and all I could see were his legs flailing about....unfortunately it didn't happen again while I was was taping.

I hope sharing continues to come this easily for Griffin.....and he continues to show off innovation like the way he uses the lid of the box to get better leverage into the box.

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