Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Hunger Initiative

Serving the community is important to me.  It is also something I feel is very important for me to teach my children.  I am a very experiential learner so I think serving the community and volunteering are best taught through doing.

Griffin is a little young to start logging volunteer hours, so Nate and I lined up his parents to watch Griffin while we went and packed meals to send to Africa last Saturday morning.   Our church, partnered with Hope Academy and the The Hunger Initiative to pack pre-made meals and send to people who are severely malnourished and starving in the Horn of Africa.

There were 7 locations and 11 churches that packed meals on Saturday and all together almost 1,150,000 meals were made that will be shipped to Africa, where 12 million people are starving.  The Hunger Initiative worked with food packing organizations like, Feed My Starving Children, Impact Lives, and Kids Against Hunger. Although the big day for the Hunger Initiative has passed, it is always possible to volunteer with the packing organizations listed above.

I can't wait for Griffin to get his hands dirty on a project like this, but until then, I do think it is important for us to continue to serve without Griffin's presence and talk about it with him.  When that day comes, I know he will love having the opportunity to serve, he sure does love to make others smile.

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