Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time to Fly

Our first family vacation on a plane with Griffin is approaching and I've put off thinking about all of the details long enough.  He's 10 1/2 months old, not yet walking, but also not wanting to sit still...ever.  I am issuing an advance apology to anyone who is on our plane, and especially to those in our row.

Gammie Gail has helped us do a lot of research about what you can bring, what you can check, etc.  It sounds like you can always check a stroller and a car seat with no bag check charge.  You can also gate check those items, and if there is an extra seat in your row, you can bring the car seat on the plane for no extra charge and put the baby in a car seat.  Since I'm not willing to haul our giant car seat around the airport on the off-chance that our full flight has an extra seat in our row, I think we are going to curbside check the car seat.  Too bad he is too big for the infant seat....that would make things much easier.

The plan is to keep the stroller with us, to be able to easily maneuver the airport with Griff and probably a million bags that we will be bringing, though I'm aiming for just one carry-on after reading this (Hollywood Housewife).  Unfortunately, I think the stroller wheels need to come off the stroller to go through the x-ray machine.  Another option was checking our stroller and just using an umbrella stroller in the airport...seems like just an extra thing to keep track of, but maybe I'll regret this later.  Here's hoping that they have some kind of special wand to run over the stroller instead of taking off the wheels.

As far as "stuff" goes, Griffin requires slightly fewer baby items that should make traveling a little easier.  Unfortunately, with about one month to go before officially weaning Griffin off breast milk, my beloved pump will have to come along (thankfully it doesn't take much space). 

Milk is another story.  Griffin is still on a breast milk diet, though we have resorted to exclusively pumping after some teeth came in and Griffin didn't quite understand "no biting."  So, I need to bring his milk but he will need more than 3 oz. than the allowable liquid that can go through security.  From what I am told, breast milk is an exception, but it needs to be inspected.....sorry for whoever has that job.   

What Griffin will need: car seat, stroller, clothes, pj's, hats, swimsuits, SUNSCREEN, sunglasses, a few bottles, sippy cups, nuks, toys.......I'm getting overwhelmed even making a list, and if you know me....I love lists.  But this list is seriously stressing me out.  We decided to not do cloth diapers on vacation, even though we will have access to laundry, we just don't have the extra space to bring them there and home.

One really nice thing is that we are staying at my mom's place in Savannah, so she was able to get a crib to keep there, as well as a high chair.  There is also a washer and dryer, so I'm really trying not to over-pack clothing.  Plus, I know my mom...she brings extras of everything. :)

In addition to all of the lists for packing, I've made a Savannah prayer list: Lord, please let Griffin be tolerable for the other passengers on the plane.   And if that doesn't work, help me to not care what others will think of me or my child.  Amen.

One final issue to complicate things is that we leave first thing in the morning.  So there will be no time to pack the day of.  Everything must be done ahead of time, (which I prefer) but is tough with a baby who requires so much stuff each day. 

As stressful as it is planning and packing, I am sooo looking forward to a relaxing vacation with my family!  We plan to golf, walk, go the beach and pool, eat good food and do whatever else we feel like, because we'll be on vacation! 

Is there anything I forgot?  Does anyone have tips for flying with a 10 1/2 month old?  Wish me luck!

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