Monday, February 6, 2012

Sledding! Part 2

Griffin got a sled for Christmas and let me tell you....this is no old fashioned red sleigh, it is the Eurosled Snow Baby Sled.  He is clearly the coolest guy in town.
We absolutely love winter walks.  Up until now, we've I've been using the baby bjorn to haul Griffin around the hilly golf course trails.  Nate needs his arms free to throw frisbee to Coop along the way.
But once we actually got some snow, it was high time for Griffin to try out his new sled from Gammy and Ginan and let me tell you this thing flies!
Pushing it up the hill was not hard at all, and then on the way back down a hill, I would just let go and he would sled down!

I'm am certainly not going to be the one to complain about these balmy January/February temperatures (30-40 degrees!), but it is really cramping our sledding style.....

Although not too much...seriously how cool is he!?!

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