Friday, February 3, 2012

Sledding! Part 1

One of the fun things about staying home, being a licensed teacher and having a lot of friends who are teachers, is that I get to sub for them on occasion.  It is great to be able to spend some time in a classroom and interact with middle school kids.  Though it doesn't compare to having my own classroom of students, I've actually gotten to know some of the kids pretty well.  

On one such day last week when I was subbing, I got to my mom's to pick up Griffin and I couldn't find them anywhere.  Finally I looked out back and there they were....sledding!  Here he is enjoying an old snowsuit of one of my brothers' and using an old sled my mom kept for an occasion like this.

Up and down they went, making new trails each time.  My mom's dog Koby followed them around getting a little exercise of his own.

Griffin was so snuggled in he even fell asleep!  Maybe it's time to try some bigger hills:).
This picture of Griffin is the first photo documentation that my son actually looks a tiny bit like me.  While most people immediately see Nate in Griffin, this looks exactly like a photo of me in a snowsuit from when I was little.  I swear it was this exact one, but my mom thinks my snowsuit was pink.
Griffin loves anything outdoors, but this is definitely his new favorite pastime (if Minnesota could manage to keep snow around for longer than 24 hours).

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