Friday, February 17, 2012

My little Bostonian

No, my child is not from Boston, he's from Minnesota....and you becha we are working on that Minnestooootan accent don't ya know.  But for now, he has a Boston accent.  His first word, spoken about a month ago, is "car." We weren't sure at first if he was really referring to a car or just liked the way the "c" rolled off the roof of his mouth.  But he definitely knows what a car is.  He says it all day long.  In fact the teacher in me was quick to correct his over generalization of trucks, diggers, boats, planes and buses all being cars, but then I thought, maybe he really does understand what a car is, what sound it makes and what it does....and is actually applying what he knows to a new situation.  Now that's higher level thinking.
His little voice is so sweet and he works so hard for the "c" sound.  I love when he really draws one out, "caaaaaaaa."  We spend a lot of time looking out the window hoping for a car to go by.  While we are thankful we don't live on a busy street, it would be very convenient during this stage to have cars going by all day long.  Our neighbors do tend to park their cars outside, so while not moving they are usually there if we are needing a car fix.  

He is starting to say a few other words, "hi," "ball," and "baby," which come out "haaaaa," "baaaaa" and "baaaaa baaaa." Oh, and of course he says,"dada," whom he adores.  He even has started to crawl to the window so he can pull himself up and watch dada drive his caaaaa up the driveway. 

While I'm excited to hear his vocabulary explode over the next year, I'm cherishing all of his firsts.  I even catch myself when he's napping, still saying, "car," when I hear one go by.

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  1. So cute! Paul's first word was motorcycle, how funny is that?! Although apparently he said it like "moto-ocle" :)
    My first word was "more" and yes, I was referring to food :)
    Griff is precious!