Thursday, February 23, 2012

I like big butts...

...and I cannot lie.  You other mothers can't deny....when a baby crawls in with a big ole butt....I think I'll stop there.

Yes, my child is one of those big butt-ed babies...due to his cloth diapers.  Let's face it, they don't have all of the chemicals that make the disposable ones super absorbent and thin, so in order to be absorbent they need more material.  I typically need to buy him one size bigger pant than he is old (right now he is 10 months old and wears 12-18 month pants).

So when my friend Katy came across Big Butt Baby Pants on Made By Rae, we quickly got to work making them for our little cloth diapered babies.  Katy made a few for her daughter Mara that are absolutely adorable, ruffles on the butt and everything.  I made a plain denim pair and khaki pair for Griffin just to make sure I liked the style.

I love them.  The Big Butt Baby Pants Pattern is only $10, and with some couponing and scouring of your local fabric store, you can make some pretty cheap and very cute baby pants!

After my first two pairs, I had enough denim and khaki fabric leftover to make another pair of each, while trying to attempt the cuff.  They also turned out adorably, if I do say so myself.

Oh, and my favorite part....the tag!  I need to actually get some heavy duty ribbon to use, but all I had was some scrap fabric, of which I finished the edges and sewed it in.

On a quick trip through JoAnn Fabric one day, I saw this fabric on the clearance rack.  It immediately caught my eye and looked very familiar.

Awhile back, I got an extra set of crib bedding (Dwell Studio for Target-in Fun Dot Blue) that was on extreme clearance.  I'm saving it for Griffin's first birthday room makeover.  The similar dot fabric at JoAnn's was 50% off an already on-sale price so I got it for $4.99 (1 yard).  I got home and opened it up....come to realize it was a Dwell Studio fabric so it really did match the bedding!

I made the pants first....

Then wanted to use one of the plain color onesies Griff has to make a matching shirt.  So I cut out a few of the dots and sewed them on to a heather brown onesie.

I think it is a pretty cute little outfit....that looks even cuter on my big butt baby:).

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