Monday, February 13, 2012

'Hanging' during nap time

Hanging wall items is an adventurous nap time project.  Why?  You risk waking the sleeping baby.  Well a few members of my family have the "bee-in-your-bonnet" gene and I got a "bee" to hang my newly finished mirror.

This is what our dining room looked like.  We got this clock as a wedding gift from Nate's cousin Georgia and we love it.  It has hung in at least 4 different locations (once in our apartment, over our fireplace, here in the dining room and now...well you just have to wait and see!).

It went really well with our dining room, especially since we upgraded to our new round table (which you cannot see here purposely because it was covered with junk:).
We didn't have a wall clock in our newly (I'm using that term pretty loosely) finished basement, and we loved it over the fireplace upstairs, so why not!
It looks great and I actually put new batteries in it while it was between walls so it keeps time again and is right more than twice a day.

Oh, side note: I hung these three little mirrors in the hallway between the main room in the basement and the bathroom.  I got these at a garage sale, actually my garage sale.  My sister-in-law was getting rid of them when we had a joint garage sale so I snagged them before they hit the market.

I think they are originally from Ikea.

And now for my shimmy the dining room it goes!

It looks great with the circular table and since it is much bigger than the wall clock, I took down the sconces that were on either side.  I may try to spice up the area with something else later, but for now I like the simple look of the giant (handmade!) mirror.

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