Thursday, January 5, 2012

Worst. Night. Ever.

I think I'm finally ready to re-cap the worst night ever.  December 13th into the 14th has easily jumped to the top of my list as the worst/scariest night of my life.

It all began as a normal Tuesday...Nate took Griffin over to Nana Sig's to go to a playgroup thing at her church and I was off to do the last of the Christmas shopping/wrapping.  When I talked to Sig at about 12:30, the plan was she was going to put Griffin down for a nap and if he went down, I would continue doing my errands until he woke up.  If he didn't go down, I would get him and try to put him down at home.  At about 12:45 I got the call and went to get him.  When I picked him up we both agreed he seemed a little warm, but he had popped his first tooth overnight and I wrote it off as teething.

We got home and I was feeding him a little snack before attempt #2 at naptime.  I was on the phone with my friend Megan and I told her I had to go because he was literally falling asleep in the highchair.  I put him down for his nap at about 2 and he slept until just after 5.  He usually does not take that long of a nap and when I got him up he was warm.  Nate was already home and we three were just hanging out in the basement, and Griffin didn't even want to crawl or play.

As we were sitting there, he seemed to be getting warmer and warmer.  We decided to take his temp and since neither us was quite ready to try the rectal thermometer we first tried it orally and then with a nuk thermometer.  The first one said 103.9 and the second one said 104.  I started to panic.  I got on the phone with the nurse line at our pediatrician's office and they advised us to go to the ER at Children's.  I quickly got through to the nurse again and she recommended we go back to the ER.  We were able to get him some Tylenol just before heading back out the door.

When we got back to Children's for the second time, his fever was down slightly and a new set of nurses and doctors helped give us peace of mind.  They reassured us that he was fine, but fighting a virus.  The doctor told us that sometimes babies throw up when the get a high fever and us laying him down on the couch probably induced the vomiting.  They got us in and out (thankfully) and by 4 am we were finally home and were more confident about how to care for Griffin and that he would be ok.

The next day was filled with lots of rest (for Griff and us) and by the following day he was back to his chipper, playful, smiley self.

I'm writing this not so that I can always remember the details of that awful night, but so that I could reflect on what we learned from this scary situation.

What we learned and advice I would give to any first time parents: learn how to take a rectal temperature (it is most accurate), when going to the ER bring-phone charger, water, and snacks, and also remember that some kids just throw up when they get a temperature.  I pray that we will never have to go through this again, and if we do, that we will feel much more confident about how to handle this type of situation.  According to a lot of our more experienced parent-friends this is some type of parent initiation....I think it was more like hazing.

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