Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011 was one to remember, hence the post:), and I know I'm quite late on re-capping it, maybe that will be my next new year's resolution.  It was our first Christmas with Griffin, and though I'm sure it will take a few years before he is uber excited about it, it was a blast nonetheless.  Our Christmas festivities began on Christmas Eve with a family lunch at my dad's to hear the Christmas story (the real one).  Then Nate, Griffin and I headed home for our first family Christmas!
Griffin helped open his presents (which I got for $15 at a neighbors garage sale to raise money for the Salvation Army-we figured we'll have to fork over bigger bucks for later Christmases so we would try to be more frugal in the years that he doesn't quite get it).
He was definitely more interested in the ribbons than anything else...
He did like to tear the paper once I got it started.
Then we headed to Church at the Mills Church with Nate's side of the family.  It was a beautiful service and the cousins were soooo well behaved.  We went back to Nate's parent's house for a yummy dinner and some rounds of the infamous "Name Game."

Griffin got to meet Santa for the second time and though interested, still doesn't really want to have much to do with him (as soon as we set Griff on Santa's lap, he broke out his quivering lip).  And Griffin will go to pretty much anyone with a giant smile on his face.  The big white beard and red outfit is pretty weird if you think about it....
At about 7:30 Griffin called it a night and we put him to bed at my mom's house.  One of the many conveniences of having all of our parents live within about 5 miles of each other is that we were able to bring Griff back to my mom's, put him to bed and head back to the Woodbury Christmas without missing a beat! 

When we got back, presents had been opened and Otis, the Madson dog was falling asleep sitting up. 
He was right, it was time to call it a night, Christmas day had lots of places and presents in store and we wouldn't want to be too tired!
Christmas morning Griffin slept in slightly (7:30!), so we headed back to the Woodbury's for stockings, presents and brunch.
He had a blast and got so tired he actually took a morning nap that lasted almost 4 hours!  We ended up leaving him at the Woodbury's and went back to my mom's to have more Christmas and more brunch.  At about 1 pm we finally went back to get him so he didn't sleep through all of Christmas!
Oh and we stayed in our jam jams until at least 2 pm:)
Griff and Unckie Char...
Trying to be cool like Unckie Tom...
So cool.....
Cooper didn't miss out on the fun, he came along and got a new, you guessed it, Frisbee! 
Our next stop was to my dad's for more Christmas!  Griffin again was enamored with the bows...
And the tree....
 My dad MADE Griffin a beautiful toy box that we just got to our house today, which I can't wait to fill (pics to come).  We had a beautiful dinner at my dad and Sig's with my brothers, their girlfriends and my mom and Ian.  My mom even broke out the video camera and we got some hilarious videos of Griffin pointing, clapping and laughing. 

Our last and final stop of the day was back to my mom and Ian's for dessert with the Engasser Family.  My mom made delicious creme brulee and figgy pudding with a butter rum sauce-yummy!  We had a fun time (as always) with our gift exchange and Griff lived it up, staying awake until 10pm.  Once we hit the trail back home, Griff was sawing on logs in no time and with a quick transfer to the crib, our Christmas was over (minus a few more extended family gatherings).

Christmas was made so special by such wonderful family and friends and we were all so blessed with wonderful, thoughtful gifts. I'm already looking forward to next year and getting to spend such quality time with our wonderful family!

A few more Christmas-themed pics of the days leading up to Christmas....

Oh, and the Christmas Tie onesie is thanks to Christy over at Chunky Monkey Diapers

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