Monday, December 5, 2011

While the parents are away....

....the grandparents will play!  Just a sampling of pictures from Griffin's escapades with Gammie and Grandpa Inan.

They took Griffin and this vintage buggy that was used when I was a baby to Lake Harriet for a walk.  The buggy is perfect for tummy time because he could look out the entire time.

Looks like they also had a picnic by the band-shell....
I think this is where Griffin learned to grab hair....just one of the many bad habits kids get away with while spending time with their grandparents:)

Across the lake from the band-shell is also a rose garden.  Looks like in October the roses were still in bloom!
Taking some time to stop and smell the roses....

Don't forget Griffin's favorite time of day....bath time!  He loves to splash water everywhere and my mom has this handy dandy (again, vintage) bath stand that he could sit in the middle of so he doesn't topple over.
They also visited an orchard/pumpkin patch and got to see some animals.  I'm not sure Griffin liked the goats.
But he sure makes a cute one:)  (Is that even a goat?)

I do however think he loved this game....try to balance a pumpkin on my head.

Well, I'm not sure who had the more action-filled vacation, us or Griffin.  But I do know that while we were away in California, Griffin had the time of his life with his grandparents enjoying many outdoor activities in the beautiful fall Minnesota had this year.

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