Thursday, December 1, 2011

Turkey Day 2011

I know we've already shared so much we are thankful for, but here is a recap of Griffin's first thanksgiving.  We headed out about 10 am to my dad's house for our first meal around noon.  Most of my dad's siblings were out of town, so our usual gathering of twenty-something was down to about twelve. 

My brother Charlie and dad carved the turkey...
While my mom fed Griffin his thanksgiving meal (MILK:)
And some thanksgiving sides (sweet potatoes, corn, green beans, parsnips and plums...all homemade especially for him, more on that soon)
Griffin is obviously enamored with Unckie Char....
What handsome boys:)
Griffin was all smiles with Great Aunt Ede!
My dad and Signe's beautiful table....
Watch out Martha Stewart....
A sample plate of the amazing meal (inspired by the recipes featured in Gourmet Magazine).

A little break outside to get some fresh air....and a few family pics!

After lunch and an afternoon mini-nap by Griffin, we headed to Nate's parents for Thanksgiving really can't have too much food on thanksgiving!  We had a great evening watching the cousins play and although Griffin was out way past his bedtime, he was a pretty good sport.  Sorry, no pics from Thanksgiving part two, must have been turkey-induced forgetfulness.

I'm going to say one last time how many things we have to be thankful for, though I hope to continue in a spirit of thanks all year.  We have been so blessed with a beautiful baby boy Griffin, and are so thankful to God for what an amazing creation he is.  We are thankful also for our wonderful family and our amazing friends who make our life that much sweeter.

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