Sunday, December 4, 2011

Table for two...and a half

Going out to dinner with an baby is what you make it, a big deal, or a part of your life.  I don't know if we're that couple that other people are staring at, asking themselves why we would bring a baby to a restaurant, or if they are staring at how dang cute Griffin is (I think it's the latter).  But since people continue to comment that we should still go out to dinner while we can, we continue to do so!

We tend to go out right around 7 which is usually Griffin's bedtime.  This works right now because he'll fall asleep in his car seat (with which I have a love/hate relationship).  We bring his pre-pumped nighttime feed, some puff, a few toys and he enjoys people watching as we enjoy dinner.  When he starts to get bored of people watching, we feed him, burp him, let him hang a few more minutes, then plop him back into his car seat.
He sometimes needs a few minutes to hold my hand, but he usually just falls right asleep.  If we were super-prepared he got a bath and into his jams before dinner and when we get home we just quickly transfer him to his crib.  If he didn't get a bath before, we give him a quick one, put on his jam jams (no jam jam dance on these nights), read a story or two and back to bed he goes. 
Griffin is an all-star sleeper so waking up when we get home for a few minutes doesn't affect his falling back asleep or sleeping through the night.  In fact, those few minutes he does wake up are so precious.  He is so sweet and playful and then we can literally watch him fall back asleep when his head hits the pillow (crib).

As Griffin gets older, dinning out might become more of a challenge, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there because trying new places to eat and getting out with friends is so important to us.  In fact, since our monthly Dinner Club was formed about a year and a half ago, we have not missed a single one.  Where have we tried?

Black Sheep Pizza
Black Forest
Aster Cafe
Brasa Rotisserie
The Lowry
Pig & Fiddle (new at 50th and France-no website yet)

I highly recommend getting a group of friends together for dinner club, you rotate turns picking the place and email a few dates for people to pick from and the date that most people can come, wins.  Then we just get together with friends and enjoy trying new foods!

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