Friday, December 16, 2011

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

I used to be more of a home-improvement-DIY-er.  But since power tools apparently aren't baby-safe, I've had to resort to some more indoor type projects.  Projects have to get done during nap time or nighttime because Mr. I-like-to-explore-all-the-things-I-shouldn't, gets into just about everything now.

This particular project has been in the work for a few weeks, but it was pretty time consuming, so with days to spare before Christmas, it is done!  I actually made Christmas stockings!

So here's were it all began.  I absolutely love this baby blanket that was made for Griffin.  I love all of the different fabrics, cut into cute little squares, and the way the colors all go so well together but it isn't too matchy-matchy.

The back side is plain blue, and has a cute little note for Griffin.

It was made especially for Griffin by his Great Aunt Nancy....thanks Nancy!  She could sell these for big $$$!!!

So having that style in mind, I got some plain off-white quilted fabric for the background and a bunch of Christmas looking fabrics to make the squares.

Total I spent about $100, but I made 4 stockings and have enough fabric to make a few more in case there are any more Woodbury bambinos in the future.  We wouldn't want them to feel left out:)

I started by ironing applique to the backs of the fabrics for the squares.  Then I cut out a million little squares.  I am usually a perfectionist, but this would have taken way too long to measure and cut precisely so I just eyeballed it.  Plus, I was going for a homemade look.

Then I cut out the quilted fabric into the shape of a stocking.  Again, I eyeballed it, but cut out two pieces at the same time so at least they would be the same shape.  When I cut them out, I made them huge, I figured I could always make them smaller later.

Then I arranged the squares in a random pattern on the looked great...until I realized the stocking was backward.  Why do stockings usually hang with the toe to the right? 

Anyway, it looked too weird hanging to the left so I had to start over.

 Once all of the fabric pieces were nicely arranged, I just ran the iron over the top of all of them and they were stuck!  I am by no means even a mediocre seamstress so this extra step saved me a lot of mistakes later. 

I probably could have stopped here, but I wanted to tone up my sewing skills, so I just ran the sewing machine down and back down each diagonal row, and now it looks like each of the squares is sewn on.  Well, it is sewn on, but it's also ironed on:).

This is getting quite wordy and picture-y so I'll try to wrap it up.  I put the two good-sides of the stockings together, sewed around and turned it inside out.  I had to play around with the edges (made them smaller because the first stocking could have been for Paul Bunyan).

I also had to make the cuff at the top separately because I wanted to also put our names on them.  So much like the squares, I cut our names out of the different fabrics, ironed them on, and then sewed around them.
I also used a zig zag stich-don't ask me how I changed the machine, I'm not sure, I just pushed buttons and it happened:)

We kept Cooper's generic, because sadly we will probably have another dog in our lifetime and I didn't want to make another stocking:)

 When all was said and done....I made four stockings.  They are pretty cute if I do say so myself!

And then I hung them on our mantel so Santa can stuff them full of goodies...or coal, but I'm thinking goodies:).

Oh and someone thinks he's Santa:)
Look at suspicious


  1. How large are the squares and the cuff?


  2. Hi Emily,
    The cuff is about 5 inches and the squares are 2x2....Hope that helps!