Tuesday, December 13, 2011

He likes to move it move it

In the past two weeks my life has dramatically changed.  No longer can I leave Griffin to sit and play while I go grab a snack, do a chore or even go to the bathroom.  Why?  He moves.  Everywhere.  Fast.  Faster everyday.

Here is the progression.  The following clip was from just before Thanksgiving.  He could take a few very deliberate steps and then would plop back on his tummy and look around.

Now, here he is moving along like crazy.  The most hilarious thing is his breathing.  Just listen to him huff and puff.

Thankfully he is easily distracted (notice that he got distracted by 1. my phone beeping 2. laughing at who knows what 3. the interesting tin vase that he has to touch each time he goes by).

My favorite is when I leave him in his room and walk out.  He tries to follow me and then I just wait for him.  All of the sudden he comes around the corner and sees me.

 New territory, the office.
 Wow.  I had no idea this vent could keep him occupied for so long. 
 He even plays it like a musical instrument.
 And drools the entire time.
 Cooper is loving these new moving games, and won't get caught dead being left behind.

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