Thursday, December 29, 2011

Coasting into the New Year

Coasters make a great gift and I love coasters, especially photo coasters.  Putting photos on coasters is a great way to get more pictures into the rotation, especially in homes like ours that don't have a ton of wall or table space for pictures to hang out. 

My friend Katy and I decided to tackle this project for Christmas gifts.  We also decided while we were at it to use the same method on some smaller tiles to make ornaments.

-tiles (small for ornaments, 4 x 4 for coasters)
-pictures (cut to fit tiles)
-glue stick
-resin (and container to mix as well as something to stir)
-a straw (I'll explain later, but this is necessary)
-felt circle pads for bottoms of coasters

First we cut out our pics so that they would fit the coasters/ornament tiles.

For the ornaments, since the tiles came it a sheet of tiles (mosaic) I had to use an exacto knife to cut off the adhesive that held the tiles together.

Using a glue stick, glue the pics to the tiles.  It helped to curve the corners toward the tiles so they didn't peel off the tiles as they dried.

Get the resin mixed (follow the package directions), and pour a little on to each picture/tile. 
 Spread evenly.

 **Very important step!  Using a straw, blow across the tops of the tiles and all of the tiny bubbles just disappear.  If you don't remove the bubbles before the resin dries, the bubbles will harden with the resin.

I would also suggest moving them a few times before they start to dry so that the newspaper doesn't stick too much to the backs (at least near the edges).  Katy and I decided later that it would actually be cool to cover the entire back with newspaper.  Next time....

After the tiles dry, add the felt footers to the coasters and they are done!

As for the ornaments, I hot glued a white ribbon so it would be able to hang from the tree, and glued the two tiles with different pictures back to back. 

I even got asked where I bought the them! :)

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