Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas To-Do List

It always feels like there is so much to do before Christmas.  I started shopping early this year and have bags in my basement storage area with names so I remember who gets what gift!  But aside from shopping, there are a few more Christmas-y things I want to do, and with it being Griffin's first Christmas, this is the year to do them.

On a side note, I love making lists.  I make lists to make more lists.  I re-write lists, re-organize lists, cross off lists and re-write them again.  Just ask Nate, he knows about my lists:).  So here goes....

Christmas To-Do List
*get tree
*decorate tree
*put up outdoor lights
*get evergreen topiaries for mantle/decorate mantle
*make a wreath out of ornaments
*make a snowball centerpiece
*make Christmas stockings (eek!)
*make and order Christmas cards
*address/send Christmas cards
*homemade gifts (details after Christmas:)
*buy/wrap presents

....and that's before all of the cooking, parties, and everything else.

So here are updates on a few items.  I had pinned a few things on Pinterest awhile back that I wanted to do to decorate for Christmas, both included cheap ornaments so I went on the hunt.

Project 1: Snowball centerpiece

I actually had some assorted silver ornaments that I had bought last season on clearance at Target so I decided to use these instead of buying Styrofoam balls (which are expensive!).  Also, since they were a variety of different silvers, I didn't have to cover all of them in order to have a nice assortment of white/gray and silver. 

 All I needed was some yarn (I got gray and white), a glue gun and some scissors.
 I just started at the top and dabbed a little hot glue to secure the yarn as I went.
 Like I said, I left some plain and did some in gray and some in white.  It made a nice assortment, though I'm still not sure where it's going to go...maybe in the basement to festive-it-up down there.

Someone else thought it was a pretty cool project too:)
 They look so much like real snowballs he had to try them out:)

Project 2: Ornament Wreath
My friend Katy pinned this on Pinterest, and I repinned it.  We decided to get together and make them! 

We got an assorted pack of ornaments in "jewel" tones from Bed Bath and Beyond. 

 Then we just unwrapped the top of a hanger and started stringing them on.
 It was a quick and easy project and they turned out beautifully!  The only minor problem was that the ornaments would pop off if you moved the wreath too much, but since they are plastic they don't break when the fall off.  If you had glass ornaments you would probably want to secure the top to the ornament before stringing them onto the wreath.

  The other minor problem was that it was too wide to fit between our front door and our storm door, so I had to string it on the outside. 
I just tied a giant ribbon and hung it from the top of the storm door.
It is so bright and festive, it's the first thing you see when you pull in and I love it!

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