Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Now I know my ABC's...

Pinterest Challenge-Fall Edition (for clarification see here and here)
I've been dreaming of making a "double-story g" onesie since we named Griffin, well back when I was pregnant, but not publicly until he was born in April. 

Although Pinterest is usually a very inspiring place, I didn't find a ton of exactly what I was looking for.  I did see this on etsy.
And found this adorable double-story "g" to use as inspiration.
 I started with a plain beige long-sleeved onesie (I do not anticipate the temperature in Minnesota being the short-sleeved variety for about 6 months).  Carter's makes a nice 4-pack of plain color onesies that are not just white.  I found them (a.k.a. my mom found them) at TJ's for $9.99.
 Then I picked some fun polka dot fabric from JoAnn's.  You don't need very much, but I got a bunch so I can make them as baby gifts.
I printed and cut out the double-story "g."
 Then I put it wrong side up on the fabric (also wrong side up), and traced it onto the fabric and cut it out.
 Then I used hemming tape to secure the "g" to the onesie.  I did it little by little ironing as I went to make it stick. (Note: I made a few more after the "g" and found a better way....using what my mom calls "stick-witchery," that is now called Pellon Wonder-Under Transfer Web.  You iron the fabric to the transfer web and then trace, so you cut out the fabric already adhered to the transfer web.  This makes getting all parts of the letter ironed on the onesie much easier).
 I hem bonded the "g" onto the onsie.
 And then I enlisted the help of my expert seamstress mother!  I did try my hands (and foot) at the sewing machine but was too nervous to do the "g" so my mom did it.  After watching her, I'm feeling a little more confident about trying it (maybe with an easier letter like a lowercase plain "l").
 I love the zig-zag stitch and am practicing very hard at using the sewing machine myself!
It turned out very cute and it looks even cuter on the "g-man" himself! 

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