Thursday, November 3, 2011

The DP

Frequently during the spring, summer and fall, we take family trips to the DP (dog park for those of you who have just tuned in, you can find out why we have to abbreviate things pertaining to Cooper's enjoyment here).
 The DP we frequent is the Minnehaha Dog Park located near the Minnehaha Falls.  The dog park is starts up near the parking lot and meanders all the way down to the Mississippi River and runs along the Mississippi for about a mile. 
 This is the perfect spot for Cooper because he so easily overheats without the option of submerging himself in water.  We bring his floating Frisbee and he plays fetch on the beach while we walk down to the end and back.
 There are tons of dogs there, though Cooper has a one track mind (FRISBEE, FRISBEE, FRISBEE).  But Griffin loves to watch all of the other doggies playing in the water, sand and woods.
 Griffin also loves to put his feet in the sand!
 A boy after my own heart, loves the beach already.
As he gets older I imagine spending even more time at the DP, bringing blankets and having picnic lunches down there on a beautiful Saturday morning!

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