Sunday, October 9, 2011

Walk it out

Walks have always been a special time for Nate and me.  We started walking together nightly when we were both living at our parents' houses during college breaks and after college.  We would eat dinner at one of our parents' houses and then take a neighborhood walk (we had two different routes, but they could have crossed paths-yes, that's how close we lived growing up!).  So it was no surprise that our walks continued when we got married and got a dog (to Cooper's delight).  

It seemed only natural that when Griffin was born we would walk it out like we always did.  I was feeling so great after coming home from the hospital that I took a walk the day after getting home, and the next day.  That night it was clear I needed to wait a little longer before getting back into our walking rhythm.  2 weeks later walks were slow, but were great.  Griffin loves being outside and loves looking at the trees.  We have found that if he is fussy, just take him outside!  

Walks are such a special time for us, they always bring great conversation.  There are no distractions (no chores, TV, To-Do lists, etc.), just our family, enjoying creation and each other.  

We have a few paths that are our regulars, one is called the P (stands for park but we can't say that word around Cooper or he gets too amped, much like we can't say walk, so we say, "lets go for a W."), one is called the CP (creek/park).  The CP is Cooper's favorite.  It has a big open park so he can fetch long Frisbees on the grass and Minnehaha Creek runs right by it so he can also do running jumps into the creek.  

In addition to being such a special family time, the CP is where Cooper practices his jumps for his DockDog competitions....more on that later:).

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