Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Griffin goes to market

One of our favorite summer and fall activities is walking, and what better place to walk then to the neighborhood farmer's market!  The Fulton Farmer's market has such great little booths, lots of fresh produce as well as local shops representing their goodies!  

What an ideal Saturday morning...up early, to the farmer's market, coffee and home with some fresh veggies to start making Griffin some baby food!
We also bought a bunch of other fresh ingredients and made homemade pizza, though I have to confess the dough was store bought.  At $1.99 for fresh dough at Trader Joe's (a recommendation from my sister-in-law), I'd be crazy to try to make the dough myself!  I still got to practice the art of throwing the dough, even though Nate would say my throwing skills need lots of practice and are very prone to errors.
All in all it was a great trip to the farmer's market, though no dogs allowed so we had to make a special trip to the Minnehaha Dog Park later that day to satisfy our furry friend's need for speed.  More on that later.

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