Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Coop Show

We often call Cooper the Coop Show.  He is a show.  He has more energy than middle schoolers, drinking Monster Energy Drinks, at a school dance, at 2 pm.  We can't say certain words around our house because he is very smart (or well-versed in his favorite words).  We can't say walk, park, Frisbee, Creek or Dog Park.  We are super creative with our nicknames for these places/things.  We say W, P, F, C and DP.  Cooper is not very good at acronyms.

After a family vacation last summer to Cable, WI, we realized how fun it was to throw a Frisbee off a dock and see how far he can jump to catch it.  This summer we found the CP (aka a Park near our house where Minnehaha Creek just happens to run by).  Coincidentally Nate found out about a competition called DockDogs, which is just that, a competition to see how far dogs will jump off of a dock!

Cooper competed this summer and his best jump was 18 feet 9 inches, though we know he goes much further when his is in his home stadium (the CP) and not a fake dock and tank.

It was a blast to watch him compete and to see all the other dogs that love to jump for toys!  Most of them choose a ball or hunting buoy, Cooper prefers his Frisbee.  We were so proud of him and Griffin loved watching his big brother make our family so proud!

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