Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chunky Monkey

This is Griffin.  He is my little Chunky Monkey, and he wears Chunky Monkeys, cloth diapers that is.  While I was pregnant, Nate and I (and a huge thanks to my mom who did enough research on cloth dipes that she could write a thesis on them) did a lot of research (online and talking to cloth diaperers) on the whole diapering situation and after knowing full well that cloth diapering would be an extra commitment on our part, we decided to take it on.  In our opinion, the pros outweighed the cons.  What are the pros and cons?  Well, although they are more money up front, they tend to save $2,500-$3,000 per child from birth to potty training.  Disposable diapers also have a lot of chemicals in them-the thing that makes them absorbent, in fact.  They also save on garbage, and diapers my friend, take a loooong time to decompose in a land fill (around 500 years).  One of my friends once said to me that if aliens invaded our planet and looked in our landfills, they would think that we thought this baby poop stuff was super valuable because we preserved it so well:).   And although it does take a few extra loads of laundry each week, we really are just talking 2-3 loads per week.  So, we did it.  We have a ton of different kinds of cloth diapers, because we didn't want to pick just one and not like it.  If you haven't explored the world of cloth diapers, you should, it is amazing how many different types, styles etc. there are.  We aren't just talking burp cloth and clothespins. 
So here is my little diaper model.  In the above picture, Griffin is wearing a Chunky Monkey, one of many Chunky Monkeys in his newborn diaper stash.  So I should mention, there are a few different ways you can do sizing.  Chunky Monkeys have newborn, small, medium and large, much like the store bought disposables that have sizes newborn, 1, 2, 3 etc.  Other cloth diaper brands have one-size diapers that can snap down to become small and then adjust larger as the baby grows. 
 The one size diapers are great because you really only need to buy them once, whereas buying small, medium and larges you need different diapers stashes as the baby grows.  The downside of one-sizers is that since they are designed to fit a potty training toddler, they can be quite overwhelmingly large on a newborn.  So these pictures are Griffin in his "newborn" sized diapers.  We opted to get newborn sized diapers and then transition to one-sizers as he gets bigger (he is currently in some smalls and some one-sizers on the small settings).
 The Chunky Monkeys are great, made locally, and come in adorable patterns.  They can be velcro or snaps, you choose.
Is that not the chunkiest monkey you've ever seen!

 Some other brands of cloth diapers we have tried are Rumpaooz, bumGenius, GroVia, SoftBums, FuzzziBuns, Thirsties, BottomBumpers and I'm probably forgetting a few others. 
 When I started researching, I wanted to find the one perfect cloth diaper, easy to clean, easy to put together, easy to put on the baby, doesn't leak, doesn't stain, isn't bulky etc.  However, I actually like having a bunch of different kinds.  When I need one that is going to be extra absorbent for night time, I use Rumparooz.  If I need one that is easy to change on the go I use a bumGenius all-in-one, if I want one that isn't going to be very bulky (and therefore Griffin can wear regular 6 month clothes) I use the Chunkey Monkey. 
 We also installed the bumGenius Diaper Sprayer on our toilet.  We haven't had to use it a whole lot since Griffin's poops roll nicely into the toilet without spraying (gross I know, but one of the joys of cloth diapering).
So there it is, Griffin in his newborn stash of clothies (as Nate calls them).  I am really happy that we chose to do cloth diapers and stick with them.  It's a small thing that we can do for our budgets and the environment, as well as Griffin's little heiny which rarely gets diaper rash because of the awesome cloth diapers!


  1. Totally helpful post! Did you try gDiapers? I just purchased the starter kit and anxious to try 'em out come baby girl's arrival. May have to put this post in my favorites if we don't have luck with the g's.

  2. Jenna! I never tried gDiapers but have a few friends who did and liked them. I have way more info on the ones I've tried too if you ever have questions. Your 'pumpkin' baby bump pics are adorable....can't wait for you to have her!

  3. Well your post was extremely helpful. The g's just arrived in the mail today. Diaper covers totally adorable! Worried about the li'l umbilical cord though; hopefully the diaper covers won't be bothersome. Yes this babe will be here as soon as we know it. CAN NOT WAIT. 2nd time is so much more uncomfortable than the 1st! :/ Stay tuned! :)