Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Balou, how would you feed triplets?"

I must preface this by saying that Balou is a universal nickname that Nate and I use for each other, another one is Chumma.  I don't really know how these nicknames came to be, I could guesstimate their etiology, but let's just leave it at Balou for now.  

So there have been at least three times since Griffin has been born that Nate has said to me while doing something with Griffin, "Balou, how would you feed triplets?" or "Balou, what would we do if we had triplets?"  

I love those moments because it really becomes clear that Nate knows how much work Griffin is while he is working and we are together all day.  And, to anyone who has triplets (or more...) God bless you and I pray you have supportive family and friends like we do.  We have it so easy because we have all of you!

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