Monday, October 31, 2011

Back to the Woods

4 years ago October 26th Nate and I got the woods.  The woods are located by my dad and step-mom's house and we had picked up my mom's dog Koby and then picked up my dad's dog Ella and were taking them for a walk in the woods Friday after work.  

We walked around the woods, talking about regular things and some things that Nate didn't typically bring up like marriage, our wedding someday, our house someday etc.  I started to have an inkling of what might be coming but I kept quiet.  

We were playing hide-and-seek with the dogs.  We would find a tree that was big enough to hide behind and then call the dogs to come find us.  As we were hiding behind one tree, Nate proposed.  I'll spare you all of the sweet details, or save them for later.

Anyhoo, this weekend we took a trip back to the woods.  We showed Griffin where we got engaged, or at least a tree that looked like the one where we got engaged.

 Cooper had the time of his life.  Running so fast through the woods....
 I could barely see him....
Cooper had a great time playing frisbee and swimming.  
Yes, swimming in October, he is a lab remember.

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