Thursday, September 15, 2011

Triple Header

Thursdays are Nate's night out.  He and a bunch of our guy friends from high school are in a softball league.  At the end of each season, there are playoffs; double elimination to be exact.  The team had a tough season, so our sights were set on watch a game, they lose (sorry Chumma), go home in time to get Griffin a bath and to bed.

The night of the Triple Header is one I want to remember if I ever need reminding that Griffin is such a good sport.  They miraculously won their first game so Griffin and I were thrilled, we got to watch another game!

Somehow, they won their second game too!  But what shocked us the most was that if you win the second game, you play AGAIN.  They played at 7:15, 8:15 and 9:15. 

They were winning their third game and another team started showing up.  We started to get a little worried.  Could they possibly be playing a fourth game?  Well, you guessed it.  They won their third game, but thankfully two other teams showed up to the play the 10:15 game.  Their final games would be played the following week.  In case you're wondering how the season ended, the team that showed up the night of the triple header that won three games in a row, did not show up the next week and they were out.

Thankfully Nate's team wanted to grab a bite to eat after, we were all so hungry (including Griffin who I fed in the car under my trusty hooter hider!).  Griffin loved watching his daddy play softball and he was the MVP staying out soooo late!

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