Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Date...rainout

Before Griffin was born we decided that we would have our first date within the first two weeks of his birth.  Griffin was born Friday April 8th, so on Friday April 22nd we got tickets to the Twins game.  That Friday was actually Good Friday and my mom had invited us all over for dinner.  So we decided that we would go to dinner and then my entire family would babysit Griffin while Nate and I went to the Twins game.

Dinner was great, we had packed enough bags for Griffin to stay the weekend (Twins games usually last 3 hours so that seemed appropriate:), and I fed him one last time and we were off!  We barely looked back.  Griffin was in great hands and I told myself if I didn't make it a huge emotional deal to leave him for the first time, it wouldn't be.  It wasn't a big deal and I was fine, despite my dad's efforts texting me that bets were flying around as to how long I would actually make it being away from him.  20 minutes?  An hour?  Ha!
on our way out the door!

While we were gone everyone got a turn....Great Gran Marnier's turn!

Great Grandpa Tony and Great Grandma Joan

Uncle Charlie

Gammie Gail

Grandpa Inan
On our way downtown, we turned on the radio because we were running slightly late and the skies were looking ominous....

The first thing we heard on the radio was that the game had been canceled, and would be rescheduled later in the summer.  No!  But this is our first date night!  Luckily we had a bunch of friends who were also going to that game and we ended up meeting up with them for a bit, then getting ice cream before heading back around the time the game would have ended.

Griffin was just getting hungry and I was back so we timed it perfectly.  Apparently he had been passed around the entire time we were gone and had been a rockstar!  They changed his diaper, he slept, he was was the perfect first-date-post-baby.  Hopefully many more to come and now we've proved that we can handle leaving him for a few hours!

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