Monday, September 12, 2011

10 days old...

So Nate and I bought a fancy new camera just before Griffin was born, and I will learn how to use it and take great pictures, but 10 days into Griffin’s life, I wanted to make sure we had someone who knew what they were doing get some shots of him.  Jennifer Browning of Paleblu Photography took beautiful pictures of the new addition to our family and a few of our entire family, despite the fact that 10 days postpartum I wasn’t feeling incredibly photogenic. 

We had so much fun putting little sleeping Griffin into some adorable poses.  First we just laid him on a blanket and he snuggled up into some sweet little positions.

Then we put him on this antique baby scale that was my mother’s, father’s.  We had added a heat pack because he was naked, so the scale reading isn’t correct (he was still only about 8 pounds).

Next we got him into this beautifully handmade cradle, made especially for Griffin by his Grandpa Rob.

Then we put him in a basket….

And a vase….

He did finally wake up for a few with the family and I despite not feeling quite back to my usual self, I’m so glad we took the time so early on to snap some shots of this precious little newborn!

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