Thursday, September 15, 2011

Triple Header

Thursdays are Nate's night out.  He and a bunch of our guy friends from high school are in a softball league.  At the end of each season, there are playoffs; double elimination to be exact.  The team had a tough season, so our sights were set on watch a game, they lose (sorry Chumma), go home in time to get Griffin a bath and to bed.

The night of the Triple Header is one I want to remember if I ever need reminding that Griffin is such a good sport.  They miraculously won their first game so Griffin and I were thrilled, we got to watch another game!

Somehow, they won their second game too!  But what shocked us the most was that if you win the second game, you play AGAIN.  They played at 7:15, 8:15 and 9:15. 

They were winning their third game and another team started showing up.  We started to get a little worried.  Could they possibly be playing a fourth game?  Well, you guessed it.  They won their third game, but thankfully two other teams showed up to the play the 10:15 game.  Their final games would be played the following week.  In case you're wondering how the season ended, the team that showed up the night of the triple header that won three games in a row, did not show up the next week and they were out.

Thankfully Nate's team wanted to grab a bite to eat after, we were all so hungry (including Griffin who I fed in the car under my trusty hooter hider!).  Griffin loved watching his daddy play softball and he was the MVP staying out soooo late!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Date...rainout

Before Griffin was born we decided that we would have our first date within the first two weeks of his birth.  Griffin was born Friday April 8th, so on Friday April 22nd we got tickets to the Twins game.  That Friday was actually Good Friday and my mom had invited us all over for dinner.  So we decided that we would go to dinner and then my entire family would babysit Griffin while Nate and I went to the Twins game.

Dinner was great, we had packed enough bags for Griffin to stay the weekend (Twins games usually last 3 hours so that seemed appropriate:), and I fed him one last time and we were off!  We barely looked back.  Griffin was in great hands and I told myself if I didn't make it a huge emotional deal to leave him for the first time, it wouldn't be.  It wasn't a big deal and I was fine, despite my dad's efforts texting me that bets were flying around as to how long I would actually make it being away from him.  20 minutes?  An hour?  Ha!
on our way out the door!

While we were gone everyone got a turn....Great Gran Marnier's turn!

Great Grandpa Tony and Great Grandma Joan

Uncle Charlie

Gammie Gail

Grandpa Inan
On our way downtown, we turned on the radio because we were running slightly late and the skies were looking ominous....

The first thing we heard on the radio was that the game had been canceled, and would be rescheduled later in the summer.  No!  But this is our first date night!  Luckily we had a bunch of friends who were also going to that game and we ended up meeting up with them for a bit, then getting ice cream before heading back around the time the game would have ended.

Griffin was just getting hungry and I was back so we timed it perfectly.  Apparently he had been passed around the entire time we were gone and had been a rockstar!  They changed his diaper, he slept, he was was the perfect first-date-post-baby.  Hopefully many more to come and now we've proved that we can handle leaving him for a few hours!

Easter-an all day affair

After only having been in this world for 16 days, we took Griffin on his first all-day family holiday to see our relatives and celebrate that Christ has Risen, Indeed!  If you think about it, the day we were gone was 6.25% of the actual time he'd been alive so far:).  It was a long day, and aside from errands to Target and the grocery store, it was our first time being away from the house for an extended period of time.

We went to our church that morning at the 9:30 service (which was our first time back since he had been born). 

Then went to brunch with my family at 11:00...

And finally, to Nate's parents' house for the Woodbury Easter celebration.

In order to make this day possible, I have to thank my pump.  I think I pumped in the car between each of the three events of the day; thankfully my sister-in-law had given me a hooter hider!

It was great to have such a special memory of Griffin's first Easter as such a newby, and though it was a ton of work to get to all three places (I think we packed 7 bags of stuff!), it was so worth it to celebrate Easter with our family.

Monday, September 12, 2011

After the baby...Shower!

Literally-shower!  Taking a shower and getting ready both in the hospital and the weeks after we got home was key in helping me feel back to my usual self.  There is something about showering, getting dressed and ready that makes you feel normal even if your body doesn’t yet feel normal.

I think it is much like the placebo effect.  Acting like everything is normal and trying to look like you feel better actually makes you feel better. 

Next on the list of things that will make you feel better….errands to Target and walks, walks, walks (but not too soon after:).

10 days old...

So Nate and I bought a fancy new camera just before Griffin was born, and I will learn how to use it and take great pictures, but 10 days into Griffin’s life, I wanted to make sure we had someone who knew what they were doing get some shots of him.  Jennifer Browning of Paleblu Photography took beautiful pictures of the new addition to our family and a few of our entire family, despite the fact that 10 days postpartum I wasn’t feeling incredibly photogenic. 

We had so much fun putting little sleeping Griffin into some adorable poses.  First we just laid him on a blanket and he snuggled up into some sweet little positions.

Then we put him on this antique baby scale that was my mother’s, father’s.  We had added a heat pack because he was naked, so the scale reading isn’t correct (he was still only about 8 pounds).

Next we got him into this beautifully handmade cradle, made especially for Griffin by his Grandpa Rob.

Then we put him in a basket….

And a vase….

He did finally wake up for a few with the family and I despite not feeling quite back to my usual self, I’m so glad we took the time so early on to snap some shots of this precious little newborn!

We got a Griff!

Griffin Austin Woodbury was born Friday April 8th, 2011 at 1:44 am, and here’s how it all went down.  This may be TMI but the details are already getting hard to remember and I don’t want to forget!

I am a middle school teacher and was getting ready for Parent/Teacher Conferences the morning of Thursday April 7th.  I got to work about 6:45 am and immediately called Nate and told him I felt “different.”  I wasn’t exactly what I meant by different, but I was feeling a little crampy.  I went about the day as usual, all 6 classes and realized about halfway into the day that I was probably having contractions.  I continued to update Nate at work, but didn’t really have much to tell him since I really didn’t know what was happening.  I asked a lot of my co-workers who had children, and the general consensus was that I was probably not in labor, just approaching it (my due date was April 11th). 

I ran an errand after school before conferences and stopped at the grocery store.  I picked up two random food items that seemed good to me, Parmesan pita chips and cinnamon rice cakes.  Now, my pregnancy was pretty dull in the sense that I did not have the usual signs/symptoms of pregnancy, nor had I really had any cravings.  This should have alerted me that something was up, but I was still in denial that labor was approaching. 

I got back to school and held parent/teacher conferences from 4:30 until about 7:15, at which point one of my co-workers talked to my principal and they agreed that I should probably head home because I was in labor.  I got home and Nate tried to write down the contractions, how far apart they were and how long they were lasting, but I was too antsy to sit with him while he watch the re-cap of the first round of the Masters.  At about 9:30pm I was getting uncomfortable and called the doctor.  He said that I was probably still a long while away from delivery but that I was definitely in labor and could head to the hospital if I wanted. 

So we headed to the hospital, calling only my mom on the way to make sure Cooper, our dog, would be taken care of should we need to stay the night in the hospital.  At my initial exam the nurse informed me I was 5 cm dilated and that she would be moving me to a labor and delivery room. 

In the time it took to get from the initial exam room to the delivery room, I experienced the pain that women who have had children talk about.  When we got to the delivery room, another exam confirmed that I was now at a 10.  “Is there still time for the epidural!?!?”  I was informed that there is always time for the epidural unless there is a rush to get the baby out.  There was no rush since the doctor hadn’t even gotten to the hospital yet.   I waited for the anesthesiologist to be out of surgery to administer the epidural and then in a matter of minutes, experienced the most glorious medical invention of all time.  The doctor was still not to the hospital (it was about 1 am!), so I decided to call my mom.  I told her that I was about to deliver our baby!  PS-calling my mom did not seem weird to me at the time, but now looking back it is probably not the most common choice activity minutes before delivering a child.  It was so great to hear her voice, and tell her that her first grandchild was about to enter the world!

At 1:44 am our sweet little boy Griffin Austin Woodbury was born, weighing in at 7 pounds 15 ounces and was 19 ½ inches long.  His APGAR scores were 9/9.  He cried like he when he was supposed to, and he latched on.  He is PERFECT.  Nate and I fell in love.  Griffin is one of God’s all-time most amazing creations.  
Our hospital stay was so amazing.  We had so many family and friends come to meet Griffin and show their support for our family.  Those first hours of Griffin's life we will cherish forever.